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Lippo Village  – Located 23 Km west of Jakarta, the development of this well-planned and cohesively designed independent township of LIppo Village commenced in January 1993.  Created by PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk. as the first township project of Lippo Group, the satellite city of Lippo Village consists of high quality residential and commercial areas; international standard university and schools; internationally accredited hospitals; a 5 star hotel; and golf course.  With a road network of over 120 Km in length; a 250 Km drainage system which is clean and efficient; and about 155,000 trees, decorative plants and shrubs planted along the boulevards, median and main roads as well as in residential clusters, schools and commercial areas; a state-of-the art sewage treatment plant and water treatment plant; Lippo Village is a pioneer development by the Group which is much sought after by investor and residents alike for its unique features and green environment.  The population of Lippo Village continues to grow steadily and the township is now home to around 70,000 residents and 200,000 daily visitors.

Capitalizing on demographic and lifestyle changes in Indonesia, while providing a solution to the traffic jams, floods and inadequate upgrading of the infrastructure, work in Lippo Village has now already begun for a new Lippo Village CBD, “The Millennium Village”.  This integrated development supports the “one-stop” living concept and combines residential condominiums, office space, education and healthcare facilities as well as commercial and entertainment areas in a strategic location and a green environment.  The future lies in such superblocks, which offer an integrated and sustainable high standard of living catered to the busy lives of professional people and their families.




RUKO/ RUKAN  – located in different strategic location across Lippo Village to fulfill the essential necessity of the residents, the following are Ruko / Rukan in Lippo Village

Lippo Village Central
– Ruko Boston

Lippo Village West
– Star of Asia
– Villa Permata
– Asiatic
– Little Asia
– New Asia
– Asia Millennium
– Taman Permata
– Permata Sari

Lippo Village North
– Palais D’ Europe
– Piazza Del Espana

BUSINESS PARK – these areas are perfect for business that combines office with showroom, office with workshop and office with clean warehouse, etc.

Lippo Village offers 3 types of Business Park, those are :
– Lippo Cyber Park (Ruko Gajah Mada)
– Karawaci Office Park (Ruko Pinangsia)
– The Excellis



August 1993 700 homes sold at first land house sale in LIppo Village.  The housing now  is in what is variously called gated properties or Totally Protected Zones (TPZs).  These now number almost 60 estates (Tamans), and growing.

Each property has boundaries specified in the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA); in accordance with the Cadastral Plan applicable to each area and specific property.

The owner of a property can only use the area within the property boundaries and needs to comply with set back distances as required by TMD Building Control Department to undertake any development on the said property,



Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village It is conveniently located in the exclusive township of Lippo Village. Presently it has 160 beds and is supported by 160 specialist doctors and 348 qualified nurses.

With facilities that cater to both inpatient and outpatient needs, Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village is committed to offering high quality services. The team professionals cares for our patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Further info : – (021) 546 0055




Universitas Pelita Harapan

Established in 1994, UPH is in the forefront of the Noble Industry of education.  This is reflected in its professional management, with high quality faculties, curricula and facilities as well as scholarships for outstanding students and those who need financial assistance.

While consistently underlining the vision of “knowledge, faith and character”, UPH has developed a very rich curriculum in many areas of studies, ensuring that its graduates will be respected globally and appreciated by modern business and industry.  UPH has a mission to educate leaders who will make a difference in the world.

UPH now caters for 10,000 active students and has nearly 20,000 alumni scattered in various fields of profession.  Similarly, in education and health, UPH has taught qualified teachers and medical professionals from various regions in Indonesia.

For more info : – 021 546 0901

Sekolah Pelita Harapan

Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) is an early childhood through twelfth grade Indonesian National Plus School, offering an international standard of education.  Founded in 1992 by Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan, SPH aim to prepare the students to contribute significantly in a global society.

SPH is internationally acknowledged as an excellent school through accreditation with the Council of International School (CIS), as well as the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).  SPH is a member of the Association of National Plus Schools in Indonesia.  The curriculum is internationally recognized and accredited through the world-renowned International Baccalaureate Organization (IBC).  The teachers are recruited such as the USA, Canada, UK and Australia, as well as from Indonesia.

For further info : – 021 546 0234

Sekolah Dian Harapan

Sekolah Dian Harapan (SDH) is a second home for the students.  The teachers teach and relate with students as precious, and holistic beings, created in the image of God.  It is SDH commitment to provide high quality Christian education with best teaching practices to all the students.  Considering that students learn differently, the teachers use a variety of teaching methods that will develop students as creative, engaged, and life long learners, and who are able to think critically and act redemptively in their context.

For further info : – 021 546 1001




Maxx Box is Lippo Group’s highly anticipated line of upscale lifestyle and entertainment centre which will be rolled out across various cities in Indonesia.  At Maxx Box, consumers can choose from a wide range of upscale dining and entertainment offerings.  Maxx Box Lippo Village is designed by world-renown architects, DP Architects, the same team responsible for Dubai Mall (Dubai), Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore), and many other projects.  The lifestyle center features more than 25.000 square meter parking area complete with valet car service and golf-buggy pick-up as well as a pedestrian bridge to connect to Supermal across the street.

Inside Maxx Box Lippo Village : Marketing Gallery Millennium Village, Cinemaxx, Abura Soba, Foodmart Primo, Maxx Coffee, D’Journal Coffee, Pizza ebirra, Grand Imperial Lamien, Grandma Suki, Song Fa, Tony Roma’s, Bebek Bengil, Books & Beyond, ReJuve.

 Foto Max Box====



The cozy place to eat and greet.  Benton Junction is a hugely popular al fresco dining destination in Lippo Village attracting customers from as far as Jakarta and beyond.  Located at the Junction of Boulevard Palem Raya and Boulevard Jendral Sudirman, Benton Junction sits right at the center of the City.  Benton Junction opened to the public in early 2004 and in just a short time, became the city’s most popular venue for dining, relaxing, live events and festive celebrations.  With the row of European-style cafes fronting outdoor terraces, Benton Junction is fast becoming a favorite venue for film production.

The restaurants and cafes at Benton Junction are already to serve visitors with a variety of food from a myriad of countries such as : Poka Ribs, Kampoeng Nelayan, Serba Food, Maxx Coffee, Taal Indian Restaurant, Dimsum Inc, KFC, Lau’s Kopitiam, Day n Nite, House of Bintang (Beer House), Planet Noodle, Betawi Kitchen, Karei-Ya, Mom’s Milk, Papajack.
Foto Hotel  2 pcs

Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Village is a 5-star hotel with the concept of a business hotel, with the luxury of Aryaduta Country Club, which has all the exclusive sports and leisure facilities.  Located in the business and commercial center of Lippo Village, this hotel is the best choice for you.

Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Village & Country Club has 197 rooms, including 149 hotel rooms and 48 cabanas with tropical nuance, consisting of Deluxe, Cabana Deluxe, Signature, Cabana Suite, Business Suite, Signature Suite, Executive Suite, and Aryaduta Suite.

Further info :


Foto Taman Sari
Taman Sari, a food and cultural center located in the center of Lippo Karawaci.  This Bali-Sundanese style village centre was the first restaurant area in the city.  Taman Sari is now famous, even as far as Jakarta, for offering original traditional Indonesian specialties.  Under shady tree-lined sidewalks and terraces, Taman Sari is a unique Al Fresco dining venue with a number of outdoor cafes and restaurants and clean air.  In the central area park, children can also enjoy a kid’s playground in safe and clean garden far away from the busy streets of the city.
Green Tips
Foto Kembang

Medical Plants : Healtier than Chemical Drugs?

Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017

Imagine if you are in a garden of medical plants that can be used when one family member is sick.  You can just pick it at any time, even through the night.  No need to spend money and the freshness is guaranteed.

Medical plants are not less beautiful than ornamental plants.  You can plant them among other ornamental plants or flowers.  In addition, medical plants are generally more robust in facing various plant diseases because they have natural substances to preserve them, so you do not need to provide pesticides.

To make beautiful and useful medical plants there are some things to consider.  For example, you need to harmonize them with the existing plants and other elements in the garden, so they will not ruin the garden arrangement.  You also need to know the benefits of each and how to use the medical plants appropriately.
Currently extracts of some medical plants are being used and have cured serious diseases.  Here are some useful medical plants.
Bay leaves (Daun Salam) : boiled leaves are able to overcome ulcers and are used to lower blood sugar levels quickly.  Good for diabetics.
Cumin (Jinten) : reduces the heat of a fever and is useful in establishing breast feeding.
Aloe Vera (Lidah Buaya) : recognized as a hair fertilizer, another benefit is to relieve a cough.
Wild Ginger (Temulawak)  : use to resolve jaundice.
Ginger (Jahe) : cures coughs and rheumatism as it generates a sense of warmth.
Galangal (Lengkuas) : in addition to the herbs it can cure skin fungus on the skin.
Noni (Pace) : the fruit is very useful for the body.  Eating it can relieve osteoporosis.
Lime (Jeruk Nipis) : the fruit acids can relieve a cough.
Red Onion (Bawang Merah) : Useful for treating colds.
Guava (Jambu Biji) : Guava leaves can be used to treat bowel disease of diarrhea.  The juice is also good for health because it contains lots of Vitamin C and good for patients with dengue fever.
Batel (Sirih) : has a good antiseptic content.  You can also use it to relieve a cough.

Mahkota Dewa : Helps with blood pressure.

Sambiloto : the taste is bitter and believed to cure various diseases.  Use the leaves to cure typhoid fever.

Java Tea (Kumis Kucing) : relieves lumbago.

Now you can see the many benefits of a living pharmacy perhaps you should consider utilizing the existing land at home.  Parks can provide a psychological effect for people who are unwell.  Caring for your plants also becomes a means of moving the body and exercise. The result is a healthy and beautiful body.

If you house does not have much land – do not despair!  Use pots instead.  By having a living pharmacy you can certainly save money on chemist cost.  Medical plants make sense for you and your family.

irectory & Services

Town Management
Call Center   5577 7557
Home Care Unit   5577 7557

Emergency Services
24-Hour Emergency Call   546 0911/ 547 0911
Siloam Hospitals   546 0055
Lippo Karawaci Police Station   546 2847
PLN Tangerang   552 6717-20
PLN Curug   598 2149
Telkom   147
Telkom Legok   546 0200
Telkom Pusat Tangerang    5576 8500

Universitas Pelita Harapan   546 0901
Sekolah Pelita Harapan   546 0234
Sekolah Dian Harapan   546 1001

Leisure & Hospitality
Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Village & Country Club   546 0101
Imperial Klub Golf   546 0120

Maxx Box Lippo Village
Cinemax   2917 1871
Tony Roma’s   2917 1910
Bebek Bengil   2917 1915/ 1916
Grand Imperial Lamien   2917 1917
Foodmart Primo   2917 1802
Books & Beyond   2917 1909
Song Fa Bak Kut Teh   2917 1822
Maxx Coffee   2917 1878
ReJuve   2917 1911
Grandma Suki    2917 1919

Benton Junction
Poka Ribs   546 6819
Serba Food Restaurant   546 9754/ 9964
Taal Restaurant  546 7285
Lau’s Kopi Tiam    546 8770
House of Bintang Spirit   546 7037
Betawi Kitchen   546 7868
Mom Milk   08123963 8337
Planet Noodle   546 8029
Papajack   5422 0672
Karei-ya  5421 1175

Taman Sari
Pendopo   546 0841
Seoul BBQ   546 0845
Ikan Bakar Poco-Poco   546 0840
Tang’s Chinese Restaurant   547 2216/ 2305
Komodo Cafe & Resto   546 9169
Sang Jung Restaurant   547 3172/ 73


Town Management

 Foto 2 animal control + kebun

Lippo Village was uniquely designed and developed with social facilities built before the commencement of the development of the housing complex.

Most cities around the world are run by the Government, in contrast to the uniqueness of Lippo Village.  Almost all existing infrastructure are financed and built by the developer, the management is also carried out by the private parties, called Town Management Division (TMD).

Lippo Village is also a privately managed town, run by professional managers under the auspices of Town Management (TMD).

Town Management, also known as TMD, is the management company that runs Lippo Village, which consists of Five departments:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Municipal Affairs
  • Engineering Support Services
  • Environment Services
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Protective Services

TMD is organized and directed under the control of PT. Lippo Karawaci Tbk, which has been in the forefront of developing new townships such as  Lippo Cikarang and Tanjung Bunga Makassar, highrise building apartment called St. Moritz and Kemang Village.

All officers and employees of TMD will do their best to deliver quality services to residents and tenants to maintain public order and safety, preserve the village environment and protect the Lippo Village’s assets and infrastructure for the benefit and interest of all, and to respond and act responsibly in meeting the collective needs of its stakeholders (permanent residents and transients).

Everyone in Lippo Village is entitled to a safe, healthy and efficiently-run city and TMD is ensuring that these objectives are carried out in the most efficient and effective maner possible.  TMD is committed to give the best services to its residents and stakeholders, Taking Greater Care of You.


Vision & Mission

Town Management Division (TMD) aims to provide you with excellence in its service, giving you the safest, healthiest and most pleasant residential and business environment in the country.

The Services

Foto2 tong sampah

Finance and Accounting
Finance and Accounting is looks after on budget control and billing as well as Accounting, rentals and rates.


Municipal Affairs
Municipal Affairs Department handles Planning and Building Control, Customer Responsibility Management (CRM) which consist of a Helpdesk Customer Service, Call Center and Emergency Call 911.  This Department also provide the service of Resident Relations – delivery of homes to new residents, Event and Publications which handles all the street-side advertising and official publications such as Lippo Village magazine, fliers, etc.


Town Engineering Services

The Engineering Services is responsible for the maintenance of Roads and Drains, Electricity and Telecommunications, Public Transport covers internal and City-to-City (Mall to Mall) public bus services and Home Care Services.

Environment Services
The town’s highly regarded Environment Department concentrates on Road sweeping and Landscape maintenance, Solid Waste collection and recycling, as well as Health and Hygiene (Pest Control – rats, cockroaches, dog’s rabies, mosquitoes, snake etc).

Water and Sanitation
Provide the potable water for the residents and stakeholders as well as ensuring a smooth water distribution to each residential area and commercial area.  Water and Sanitation Department also handles the sewerage treatment and recycle it into recyclable water being used for washing the road, landscape watering, etc.

Protective Services
Security is seen as important aspect of city living in Indonesia.  Lippo Village has many Security force, dealing with estate patrols, traffic, pedestrian safety, traffic arrangement and so on.  Security guards on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to perform security checks at the gated clusters within the complex by means of the latest technology for vehicle and Resident access control with Smart-Card technology.

Public Transportation
In the Lippo Village area, we provide Internal Shuttle Bus in a timely manner.  We also provide External Shuttle Bus and helicopter services to many areas in Jakarta and surrounding areas.



Temporary Schedule for Shuttle Bus Lippo Village during Christmas & New Year holidays


Thank you for your support and trust to use our transportation services.

Please be advised that due to Christmas and New Year holidays there will be Executive Shuttle Bus schedule adjustment (see below) starting from 25 December 2017 to 02 January 2018.

The Executive Shuttle bus schedule will be back to normal on 03 January 2018.  Thank you.

foto jadwal BUS

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